4th Sundays Love and New Partnerships

Many sisters were searching and wondering where could we find some sincere counseling, someone that would be willing to listen, encourage, direct, guide and inspire our efforts. I can truly say that we found this and much more in the [Muslimah Connection].  Each meeting is begun with prayer, inspirational readings from the Quran, Hadith or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAS).   We, the members of the [Muslimah Connection] sign a commitment that whatever is discussed in our meeting stays in our meeting.

When I presented my program, the Coweta Teen Mothers and Babes Service Center to the group; there was an out pouring of love and encouragement from the members and especially from our facilitator Taryn Siddiq. This program assists teen mothers and their babies with therapeutic counseling, housing and overall character building through boosting their self-esteem and instilling a sense of independence.  Thank you so much for being there when I needed you and for being an integral part of this program. Peace and Love.

~Sister Lynice Muhammad

Sisterhood of the Traveling Hijabis

I would like to thank [Taryn Siddiq] for your complete dedication to the sisters of [MC] I know it is not an easy task. I myself love getting together with [Taryn] and the sisters learning Islam, hearing and learning about each other experiences good or bad, for me I love being around the Muslims it truly keeps me grounded. The traveling is very good and very much needed part of [MC]. The Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said, "You do not know a person unless you have lived with them, have done business with them, or travel with them." By the way those trips to Sapelo Island (the beach) has been AWESOME all of them inshaAllah looking forward to us going again soon."

~Sister Ummul-Sulayman

New in Town

When I moved to Atlanta in 1998, it was a very difficult transition for me.  I came from a very close-knit Muslim community in New Jersey to a place where I did not know anyone nor did I have any community affiliations.  In addition my parents just separated and my mom was ill.  When I met Taryn Siddiq and the Sisters of Muslimah Consultation Group in 1999, it made my transition so much easier because they became my new Atlanta family and helped me through my emotional and physical development.  When my mother passed in 2006, many if not all of my [MC] sisters attended the janaza and where very supportive to me and my family during a very difficult time.   

[MC] is a place where women can be themselves and express themselves without the threat of being scrutinized or judged.  [MC] has a strong policy of confidentiality and everyone respects each other’s thoughts and feelings. Taryn Siddiq is a seasoned and experienced counselor, mentor and group facilitator.  I have a developed a strong friendship and love for Ms. Siddiq and all of the sisters at MCG.  We have shared many journeys such as our annual trip to Sapelo Island and we have learned the true meaning of giving by sponsoring Ramadan Iftars at various masajid in Atlanta. 

Congratulations to [MC] for 10 years of successful consultation! I am grateful for Ms. Siddiq and my [MC] family and I look forward to many more years of “Group”. 

~Sister A. Kahera

Ramadan Blessings and New Beginnings

I was invited to attend my first [MC] meeting almost ten years ago by a childhood friend.  It was during Ramadan, and I was very excited and gladly accepted the invitation as an opportunity to meet new Muslims.  Alhamdillilah, I have met some wonderful Sisters from all over the world, who love sharing not only their Islamic Knowledge, but also information that will assist Sisters in their personal growth and development.  [MC] meetings are a place where Sisters can come and share as little or as much as they desire, participate in Islamic dialogue, group prayer and assist with community activities.  I thank Allah for Sister Taryn and giving her the vision, determination and passion to fulfill the needs of so Many Muslim women.  I pray Allah continue to bless her efforts and guide her through this journey.

~Sister A. Salaam

Mother of Three in Need of Food and Light

My name is Fatimah. I am a single mother of four. I have been raising my children alone for the last 12 years. The children and I have had our share of ups and downs but with the Grace of Allah we always made it through. Recently I became overwhelmed. My oldest daughter is going to college in sha Allah in August and my three younger children will start school also in August. We had no food and my lights were due. I couldn't sleep for trying to figure out how I am going to handle everything without any money. I was laying in bed 2 o'clock in morning crying to Allah for help. I picked up my phone and was led to call [Muslimah Connection]. Sister Taryn Siddiq answered. Taryn Siddiq listened to my tearful story. She told me that reaching out was the right thing to do and she was right. I dont know what I would have done if she had not answered the phone. I do know that [Muslimah Connection] has done all they can to help my family and I. We have food, my lights have been paid and a they are currently working on my other family issues. I thank Allah everyday for the [Muslimah Connection] and for Taryn Siddiq for answering my call.

~ Sister Fatimah