Pronounced: muss-lee-mah

A woman observing the faith of Islam. A devoted member to a faith that was the first to discern the undeniable rights for a woman to own property, to distribute her wealth to her discretion, to enter into and leave a marriage, and to stay true to her individuality so that she can live her life expressing her inner beauty to the fullest.



We weren't always a project, we first started as a group of women from Atlanta who yearned to connect and support one another through sisterhood regardless of our spiritual or cultural diversity. Our Founder Taryn Siddiq, who serves as a full-time social worker and case manager of Care Coordination at Emory Rehabilitation Hospital, noticed that there were so many women who could not focus on their success because their basic life needs were not being met.

She started what was then called The Muslimah Consultation Group comprising of Muslim women in the metropolitan areas of Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina that were excited about the opportunity of "Empowering, Supporting, and Uplifting the Whole Woman." Their beliefs didn't stem from just serving Muslim women, but to serve all women in the hopes of serving humankind. They offered basic needs training, guidance, and support with dignity. And they noticed that they could influence their communities even more by partnering with other women and different organizations. They found a system of support that worked and changed lives of not only Muslimahs, but women from different walks of life and subsequently influenced their families and their communities in exemplary fashion.

Since then, we've oriented our goals for growth, a means of garnering the best connections to create the most positive dialogue, so that we can join forces with other Muslimahs across America to provide the best need, to the most women, to create lasting change for the betterment of humanity.

The Muslimah Conection is a 501(c)3 support and service organization committed to the development and empowerment of Muslimahs and women in need through education by presenting life skills training in spiritual, financial, and health and wellness programs, seminars, and workshops.