4th Sundays Love and New Partnerships

Many sisters were searching and wondering where could we find some sincere counseling, someone that would be willing to listen, encourage, direct, guide and inspire our efforts. I can truly say that we found this and much more in the [Muslimah Connection].  Each meeting is begun with prayer, inspirational readings from the Quran, Hadith or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAS).   We, the members of the [Muslimah Connection] sign a commitment that whatever is discussed in our meeting stays in our meeting.

When I presented my program, the Coweta Teen Mothers and Babes Service Center to the group; there was an out pouring of love and encouragement from the members and especially from our facilitator Taryn Siddiq. This program assists teen mothers and their babies with therapeutic counseling, housing and overall character building through boosting their self-esteem and instilling a sense of independence.  Thank you so much for being there when I needed you and for being an integral part of this program. Peace and Love.

~Sister Lynice Muhammad