New in Town

When I moved to Atlanta in 1998, it was a very difficult transition for me.  I came from a very close-knit Muslim community in New Jersey to a place where I did not know anyone nor did I have any community affiliations.  In addition my parents just separated and my mom was ill.  When I met Taryn Siddiq and the Sisters of Muslimah Consultation Group in 1999, it made my transition so much easier because they became my new Atlanta family and helped me through my emotional and physical development.  When my mother passed in 2006, many if not all of my [MC] sisters attended the janaza and where very supportive to me and my family during a very difficult time.   

[MC] is a place where women can be themselves and express themselves without the threat of being scrutinized or judged.  [MC] has a strong policy of confidentiality and everyone respects each other’s thoughts and feelings. Taryn Siddiq is a seasoned and experienced counselor, mentor and group facilitator.  I have a developed a strong friendship and love for Ms. Siddiq and all of the sisters at MCG.  We have shared many journeys such as our annual trip to Sapelo Island and we have learned the true meaning of giving by sponsoring Ramadan Iftars at various masajid in Atlanta. 

Congratulations to [MC] for 10 years of successful consultation! I am grateful for Ms. Siddiq and my [MC] family and I look forward to many more years of “Group”. 

~Sister A. Kahera