For 18 years, we have led the effort to provide women with the support to live successful lives. We have aimed to be at the forefront of every woman in need of emotional and psychological support as she triumphs over life's transitions. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to support, connect, educate, and empower women to be productive members of society by providing training, education, and support systems in the areas of psychological, emotional and social needs with a community mindset.


Our vision is to alleviate social, emotional and psychological challenges that prevent women from being productive members of society, enlisting care for women by women, regardless of their faith, race, or ethnicity.


We aim to achieve thriving chapters in all 50 states so that women all across the nation feel connected, supported, and live meaningful lives.

A believer is like a brick for another believer, the one supporting the other.
— Prophet Muhammad (SWS), reported by Abu Musa, Sahih Muslim Number 6257

What We've Achieved

  • We have partnered with 13 organizations over 7 years to raise funds and create programs to aide women.
  • We have held 216 monthly group meetings for women to open up and build trust, community, and garner support to live their fullest lives.
  • We support, uplift, and empower over 200 new women each year.  Multiply that over 18 years and we have touched 3600 women and counting.
  • We have arranged 100+ drives and initiatives to support women in need. 
  • We have partnered at 75+ events from other organizations.